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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to fix your stainless steel cookie scoop

You know what I am talking about:

GRRR!! I hate when this happens!

So here is how to fix this:

Repair stainless steel scoop

1. Take a pair of pliers and bend the little keeper metal at the
bottom of the handle back just far enough so you can adjust the 
This is the piece at the very bottom that keeps the ratchet piece 
from coming out.

2. Then you move the ratchet piece (with the teeth) off of the 
ratchet wheel to the place where the medal swing inside the scoop is back 
into position.

3. Once there you have to bend the keeper back into place. You want 
to get it as snug as you can so that it doesn't come out of alignment again.

This was taken from the pampered chef question and answers. I am not brilliant enough to figure this out on my own!!!


  1. I wish there were more pictures to go along with this. I don't understand.

  2. It's impossible to pull the keeper down 😟

  3. My cookie scooper got off of track and I read her instructions carefully. I was able to pull the little keep back and set the ratchet piece back into place. While it was set in place, I took some tape and taped it over the scooper so that the medal swing wouldn't swing up. Get someone really strong to pull the little keeper back into place.

  4. Our scoop has a kind of tongue at the very bottom of the handle, that tongue keeps both legs from opening due to the spring pressure trying to move the handle...That tongue must be bend to disengage the ratchet.

  5. I don't understand either. Sheesh!