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Monday, July 6, 2015

GM Diet

I have been in a rut with my weight loss. I am eating better, working out and walking with NO results! Ok, some results but the scale isn't moving! VERY frustrating. I did some research and found that 'rebooting' your system may help. I found the "GM" diet and again did more research. It is extreme but at the same time I found a lot of good info about this program.

So, I am here at 3:30 on the first day. 
I have eaten cantaloupe, strawberries, cherries, grapes and a nectarine. And, so far drank tons of water. Luckily the bathroom at work is downstairs so I have gotten in A LOT of extra steps just running back and forth to the restroom!

I always hit a wall about this time and today is no exception. I only had a bit of coffee this morning instead of the pot I usually drink so that may have something to do with it :)

If you don't know what the GM diet is GOOGLE it or search it on PINTEREST. Or read my  interpretation below:

Day 1 consists of ONLY fruits, no bananas and tons of water
Day 2 consists of a baked potato w/ 1 pat of butter in the morning and then veggies for the rest of the day, again with tons of water. 
Day 3 veggies and fruits all you can eat and WATER
Day 4 up to 6 bananas and 3 cups of milk and super soup (recipe to follow)
Day 5 beef & tomatoes & soup
Day 6 20oz beef & veggies
Day 7 Veggies, rice & fruit juice

Day 1
So, as I said above day one was all fruit. I ate and ate and felt guilty for all that I ate! By evening I was really wanting a hot meal instead of cool fruit. So, I got creative and grilled a nectarine. I brushed it w/ some honey, figuring natural sugar is natural sugar! Right? I did consume about 12.5 cups of water this day.

They say if you eat mostly watermelon & cantaloupe for the first day you can lose 3#. Well, I can't stand watermelon so that wasn't an option for me! But, maybe you can do that!

I weighed in and didn't lose any. But, I wasn't sure that I would anyway.
This day was hard for me. I am not sure if I just wasn't creative enough or if it was the fact that my daughter was in labor for my first grandchild! :)
This day started w/ a baked potato and 1 pat of butter. I was excited for this...but, it turns out, I am not a baked potato for breakfast person. I LOVE baked potatoes but starting my day out this way wasn't good for me. I ate as much I could tho.
I packed zucchini and carrots. And, I sauteed some cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, carrots in some water and added Mrs. Dash for flavor. DELISH!
I was really struggling for things to eat on the go today. I went to the store and found low sodium V-8. It was surprisingly satisfying. I know tomatoes are a fruit but I figured it was loaded w/ other veggies and would be fine. I drank two of these today.
I really didn't eat a lot this day because I was in and our of the hospital all day. But, did consume another 12.5 cups of water.

Day 3
I weighted in...down 3#!! woot woot
Today is all the veggies & fruit!
I had fruit for breakfast.
For lunch I had a meeting and was worried I wouldn't find anything I could eat. Luckily it was a locally owned organic eatery. I ordered a kale salad and it had strawberries & grape tomatoes. I used raspberry vinegar for dressing. This was delicious! I would have preferred some other greens in w/ the kale but I ate this was full.
I snacked on raw fruits and veggies.
For supper  I had more of the sauteed veggies from yesterday. Mrs. Dash is definitely a good friend during this diet!

Day 4
Bananas & Milk! I am not a huge fan of either so I was dreading this day! BUT...I sliced up the bananas and put them in the milk for breakfast and pretended I was eating cereal! Not to bad. Then I had a thought...I can have black coffee AND So, I frothed a 1/2 a cup of milk made some strong black coffee and boy was this a treat!!
Today you can also consume some of the super soup.
I wasn't able to eat 6 bananas but I did eat 4 (2 in the milk) and had two of my lattes and 1 bowl of soup. I was surprisingly full this day!
Also 12.5 c of water.

Day 5
Weighed in...down 5#!!!
Today is BEEF & tomatoes. BE CAREFUL if you have acid reflux. I ate a lean burger for breakfast. I had a steak and 3 tomatoes for lunch!! OUCH! I was in so much pain! I drank a lot of water before and after to try and reduce the acid...but it didn't work! You can eat soup this day and I read that watermelons can take the place of the tomato...but, remember I don't like watermelon!!! Just be cautious! I had another lean burger for super. More water this day!!

Day 6
Down 6#!!!
My mom was in town and we did get a latte at my friends coffee shop. But, only two shots of espresso and milk in the smallest cup...NO SUGAR!!
All the beef you want and veggies! Veggies for breakfast. We went out for lunch so I had a salad w/ vinegar and oil dressing. And chicken breast. (I read that you could substitute chicken for the beef)
Lean burger w/ broccoli for supper.
I have to admit, I cheated!! I needed something sweet so bad! I stopped and bought milk duds and ate 10! It was so satisfying! :)
12.5 cups of water

Day 7
No weight change this morning.
Today is one cup of brown rice, veggies and fruit juice. I also read you could eat fruit. So, that is probably up to you. I started out w/ 100% orange mango juice and a cup of black coffee. Drank mostly fruit juice this day but, still a lot of water. Had a salad w/ vinegar and oil for lunch.
Made a kind of fried brown rice w/ veggies for supper.
At the end of this day my whole family made ice cream sundaes! I caved...I ate one too! :)

Day 8
I weighed in just to see and still down the 6#. So, i feel this was a success for me. Even tho I did a few things differently than I read about it worked for me. I didn't ever really feel hungry. I didn't feel exhausted during this week (and it was a busy week around here)

Things I learned about myself and my eating:
I don't need to drink pop.
I can drink more water than I ever thought I could :)
I do much better with a structured meal plan.


64 oz water
2 pkg onion soup mix
Whole head of cabbage, chopped
6 green onions
1 lg white onion
any veggies you want, except potatoes or corn
fresh garlic
herbs & spices of your choosing

I put everything in a soup pot and brought it all to a boil, reduced the heat, covered it and cooked for about 45min.
It is my understanding that you can consume this soup any day of the diet. I only did it days 4-7.
I also found recipes that added tomatoes so you might try that.

It is recommended to wait 3-7 days before doing this same plan again. I will not have to time try it a 2nd time this month. Too many trips and overnight guests.

*****This is only information. I am not saying anyone should do this diet. I am not professing that I know anything about nutrition. I don't need to hear any negatives about trying something like this, you aren't my mother! :) I did this for me and no one else. If you don't like the info here click the X in the top right hand corner. If you have tired this  diet, please, share your stories in the comments.
I would LOVE to hear your experiences!  If you have any questions post them in the comments as well.

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