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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Haiti 2018 - just a playground? Or much more.

This years trip to Haiti was a little different the in the past. First off there were 27 of us so that made for a pretty full house. Secondly instead of building housing we were going to build a play ground at the school. I will be perfectly honest I wasn't too thrilled with this project. Not that the children didn't need this but there are so many other needs that I felt it wasn't important. But, God, of course knew better than I and the end result was blessings all around. 

Do you see those smiles? Too bad you weren't there to hear the laughter and all the fun they were having. It was contagious. 
God's ways are much bigger than anything we can imagine. I should have known he would use a playground for His glory. 

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