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Monday, December 28, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama eating plan

I have been struggling with my weight for quite some time. Actually since I had a hysterectomy and was then in surgical menopause. I have tried lo-carb, weight watchers, myfitness pal & other ways to drop some pounds. Things just aren't working!

So, my SIL introduced me to TRIM HEALTHY MAMA! She had lost 20# in 3 months. I thought I would try it and see how it goes.

Well, three weeks in and I have lost 10#. And, not only that I have so much more energy! I don't hit a wall at 3pm. I eating and I am FULL. I am so excited about this new eating plan.

There is a lot of info online but, I recommend buying the plan book & the cook book to start.

Click links below to order via Amazon.

The recipes are easy to prepare. My family is even enjoying the supper time meals with me as well. I will be posting more about this fabulous new to me, eating plan! 

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